Time Management

Managing time is one of the hardest things for adults to accomplish. If you are like me, you feel that there is never enough time in the day to accomplish all that is needed for that day. So how does one manage their study time when they are a parent in school?

Take advantage of time…  Do not procrastinate!!!
-First, get organized!
-Make an activity plan: Make a list of all that needs to be done during a week’s time.
-Prioritize… Arrange your list by order of importance.
-Arrive to class and spend the few minutes before the instructor arrives, looking over notes.
-Have a set study hour set aside for the day… My time is 5 p.m. until 6 p.m. Some days there may be more time available.
-Take advantage of cancelled classes.  If the class is cancelled, don’t sleep in, take the time to go to the library and study.
-If allowed at work, study while on the clock. Working on campus can save you a lot of time and it’s acceptable to study during down time.

If you find that you have spare time during the day, stay on campus. Leaving campus with the intent to study from home can lead into wasted time. Chances are you will get wrapped up in home life and school work will be placed on hold.

Remember to take time to relax… Relaxation will help your get through the week and not over stress. Get plenty of rest. The mind needs rest in order to take in all the information that you are studying.

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The Beginning

This blog is designed to help mothers as they continue their education in hopes to better their careers. I hope to illustrate ways of handling a stressful day at school followed by more stress in the house hold. I plan to show mothers a new perspective at looking at continuing their education through these stressful times. Ways to accomplish a healthy meal for the family without taking the entire evening away from studying. Also introduces new ways to include your college life with your family and children. Hopefully this blog will be able to inform you of ways to save money as a college student, so that your family finances are not compromised because of tuition, cost of books and other fees involved with college. This blog will give different perspectives from different individuals and ways that work for them. As all college students know, being in school is difficult and stressful at times, children and family obligations can make it even more difficult, but hopefully this blog will help you see things in a new light and makes you want to continue, knowing that you are not alone…