Holiday… School’s out… College is In

So it’s a holiday, the banks are closed and the kids are out of school… However, colleges are still open. President’s day is tomorrow. There are several sales going on. As a woman, who loves deals, it would be great to be able to enjoy a day off to shop. However as a student, my day will be spent in school. As a mother in college I have a routine and throwing off my routine can be hazardous to me. Normally I’m dropping off the children and headed to class by 7:45, but on holidays when the schools are closed, my everyday life is altered.

Make sure to plan ahead…
-Get a sitter for the kids.
-Buy groceries… Normally my children are given lunch money, but lunches are packed on holidays.
-Stick to normal bedtime… Just knowing there is no school the next day, children like to stay up, which can throw off the parents sleep as well.

Even though you don’t get a day off like the kids, take some time to relax when you get home. Instead of making dinner, dine out, or order in. Treat yourself on this holiday.

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